The Best PS4 Controller Accessory to Improve Your Gun Game

Want to gain the most performance out of your stock controller without having to spend a small fortune on a custom controller. Trigger King is changing the esports scene giving gamer's a competitive advantage at an affordable price.  Outgun the competition with the new patent pending Xcaliber Trigger Attachments.  Xcaliber triggers are the ONLY fully adjustable hair trigger attachments for PS4 dualshock 4 controllers taking first-person and third-person shooters to a whole new level.  
You will be able to fire before your enemy has a chance to aim!  Both triggers are integrated with TK Precision Tuning Technology which allow them to be individually fine-tuned with built-in sensitivity and trigger stop adjusters making them the most sensitive triggers available on the market.  Customize each triggers sweet spot to your individual play style and notice a dramatic difference in trigger response times.