PS4 Controller Accessorie Taking Gamers To The Next Level Of Performance with Xcaliber Adjustable Hair Trigger Grip Extender

PRESS RELEASE:  April 5th, 2016 -Minneapolis, MN

Take gamers to the next level of performance with Trigger King’s release of  Xcaliber,  a Fully Adjustable Trigger Attachment for the PlayStation 4 DualShock controller.   Xcaliber has an enhanced ergonomic design featuring adjustable trigger sensitivity with an adjustable trigger stop.  The patented trigger design is easily attached to the controller and provides gamers with the speed and  accuracy of more expensive controllers at a fraction of the cost. 

The innovative patent pending precision tuning technology allows the R2 and L2 trigger travel to be fully customized with built-in sensitivity and trigger stop adjusters which improve reaction times by  removing all unwanted travel to shoot faster and more accurately.

The new PS4 trigger attachment, which surpasses the improvements offered by Trigger King’s PS3 trigger, continues the company’s  momentum towards revolutionizing gaming.  Aran Kissoon, C.E.O. of Trigger King and long time gamer, says, “My mission was to create an affordable ergonomically designed trigger to enhance performance, comfort and the overall gaming experience.”

The Xcaliber also improves performance in other games.  The extended trigger design provides a longer range of motion which gives a more realistic throttle feel and better control for racing games.   The extended trigger makes it easier for gamers to hold  the controller and  access multiple buttons for enhanced game  functions and superior performance.

Xcaliber is recommended for gamers 10 years of age and older because of the small screws and the heightened sensitivity intended for more mature gamers.     

The Xcaliber PS4 Triggers are now available for $19.95 at


Akaran Products LLC, which specializes in gaming accessories, is owned by Aran Kissoon an inventor and entrepreneur.    Its products include the innovative PS3 and PS4 triggers through its Trigger King division and Quickscope Gaming Crosshairs, which have been sold in over 30 countries since their 2009 introduction through   Aran has a patent pending product in development, expected to be released during the latter part of 2016, which will revolutionize the gaming industry.

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