Trigger King Announces Issuance of a New Patent



MINNEAPOLIS, March 22nd, 2016  -- Trigger King announced today that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued U.S. Patent No. 29/516,719.   

The Xcaliber Triggers are high-performance, fully customizable triggers that feature adjustable trigger stops and precision sensitivity adjustment screws. This invention allows gamers to individually tune each trigger to their optimal settings.

Aran Kissoon, Chief Executive Officer of Trigger King, commented, "Our Xcaliber Triggers have a enhanced ergonomic design featuring adjustable sensitivity and adjustable trigger stops.  This allows gamers to fine tune the amount of trigger travel in both R2 and L2 which dramatically improves response times.”

Much like Trigger King’s PS3 Triggers, the PS4 Xcaliber Triggers are a world-first for customization and performance.  Users gain instant improvements with Trigger King’s Precision Tuning Technology.  This brings gamers the performance they desire at an affordable price without having to replace stock controllers or pay for high priced custom controllers.

Trigger King LLC is encouraging gamers take their game to the next level by transforming their stock PS4 gaming controllers with their new Xcaliber PS4 Adjustable Trigger Attachments.  Trigger King Xcaliber Triggers are available at  

Trigger King designers insist the new triggers will quickly become a “must have” for gamer's around the world looking for a competitive advantage.

About Trigger King

Trigger King, a division of Akaran Products LLC, is owned by Aran Kissoon, an inventor and entrepreneur. Trigger King is the second gaming venture of Kissoon’s. He entered the gaming accessory market in 2009 with Quickcope Gaming Crosshairs and and has successfully marketed and sold Quickscope Gaming Crosshairs in over 30 countries since then. The development of triggers for the gaming accessory market stems from a lifetime of gaming experience and his desire to provide triggers that are innovative, effective and affordable to gamers of all ages. He has patents pending on the PS3 triggers as well as innovative triggers for the PS4 and the Xbox One. In addition, Kissoon has a patent pending for a revolutionary new trigger design that will change the face of the gaming experience.

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