Reduce Trigger Lag and Improve Performance PS3 Hair Trigger Controller Attachments |PS3 Combo Pack| Trigger King

Trigger King PS3 Combo Pack Trigger Attachments

The world of interactive gaming will never be the same.Trigger King is proud to present Fully Adjustable Hair Trigger Attachments for PS3.  Taking first-person shooting (FPS) and Racing games to a whole new level Trigger King allows you to; expend less energy while using your controller, increase reaction time and play with more precision. For all gamer types. You’ll be able to fire before your enemy has time to aim! The Trigger King attachments can be individually fine-tuned to increase player reaction time, eliminating lag time and hand fatigue.


Each Trigger King combo pack includes: (2) Pro Extended Triggers, (2) Classic Triggers and (1) Precision Tuning Wrench. Manufactured in the USA, the durable plastic is able to take a beating, Classic has an extreme griping strength and the Pro Trigger can withstand over five pounds of force before failing! They can be easily attached and removed within seconds. Players can customize their desired sensitivity level for their individual gaming style. Trigger King is compatible with the PlayStation 3  Controller(PS3) and in the near future will also be available for the Ps4 and Xbox One.   


“Trigger King hair trigger attachments give you that performance edge that Gamers crave, at a price everyone can afford, this is  definitely going to be a game changer!” said founder and CEO Aran Kissoon.