The Best FPS Sony PS3 Dual Shock Controller Accessory | Rapid Fire Hair Trigger Attachment | Trigger King PS3 Combo Pack

Improve Response Times and Gain 2x the Advantage

Trigger Kings adjustable hair trigger attachments give 2x the advantage over the stock PS3 controller. Aim and fire faster than the competition and feel the difference a hair trigger provides.  Great for hardcore game modes!!!  Designed with patented TK Precision Tuning technology which allows the L2 and R2 triggers to be fine tuned to be the most responsive hair trigger on the market.  Easy to apply and remove with a durable reinforced clip-on design made in the U.S.A.    

The Pro Extended trigger provides 2x the range of motion which gives a more realistic throttle feel great for racing games.  Feather your throttle like never before and shave seconds off of your lap times.   

The Classic trigger enhances comfort and can withstand a tremendous amount of force. Made of high quality plastic that wont crack or break like cheaper models on the market.

The Trigger King Combo Pack includes:

  • 2 Pro Extended Triggers
  • 2 Classic Trigger
  • 1 Precision Tuning Wrench