PS4 Xcaliber Trigger Review by FPS Intel

Looking to gain an advantage over the competition without paying a fortune.  Esports approved Xcaliber triggers will dramatically enhance your gaming experience by improving reaction times in all of your favorite shooter games. Dont take our work for it and read the review by FPS Intel Here  

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Take Control of your Controller and Dominate the Competition

TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR CONTROLLER: IMPROVE ACCURACY & REDUCE TRIGGER LAG TO DOMINATE THE COMPETITION  WITH TRIGGER KING’S  XCALIBER DUAL ADJUSTABLE TRIGGER ATTACHMENT Looking to get the most performance out of your controller without spending a fortune on a new custom controller. Trigger King is innovating the controller industry with the new Xcaliber Dual Adjustable Trigger Attachments with TK Precision Tuning Technology.  With the objective of reducing trigger lag and improving response times the Xcaliber Triggers give gamers an advantage over the stock controller by integrating Hair Trigger and Stop Adjusters into the triggers that attach directly to the PS4...

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Trigger King's PS3 Combo Pack Featured on GamBit Mag

    The eSports phenomenon has exploded in the past few years, and where once it was dominated by people sitting behind a computer, it has since opened up with the advent of consoles like the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. With first-person shooters now dominating the console competitive field getting any advantage is key to that ever elusive kill-streak. That’s where TriggerKing comes into play with their fully adjustable hair triggers for the Playstation 3. The main draw of these little guys is that they snap on right over your L2 and R2 triggers providing a number of benefits. This...

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