About Us

Trigger King is a leading innovator of performance gaming accessories. The triggers are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.  Our products are designed for the highest performance to enhance the gaming experience.  Our products are rigorously tested by hardcore gamers from around the world and go through multiple rounds of research and development to ensure the performance you crave.  Our patent pending TK Precision Tuning Technology is a world first for trigger attachments. 

The PS3 Combo Pack is our first trigger line.  Our reinforced clip-on design easily attaches to the controller.  The PS3 trigger is currently available in two versions, the Classic and the Pro extended. The triggers come with a precision tuning wrench to maximize comfort and performance. 

Meet the Owner

Trigger King, a division of Akaran Products LLC, is owned by Aran Kissoon, an inventor and entrepreneur. Trigger King is the second gaming venture of Aran. He entered the gaming accessory market during 2009 and has successfully marketed and sold Quickscope Gaming Crosshairs in over 30 countries since then. The development of triggers for the gaming accessory market stems from a lifetime of gaming experience and his desire to provide triggers that are innovative, effective and affordable to gamers of all ages. He has patents pending on the PS3 triggers as well as innovative triggers for the PS4 and the XBox One. In addition, Aran has a patent pending for a revolutionary new trigger design that will change the face of the gaming experience.