Trigger King PS3 Trigger Combo Pack Adjustable Hair-Trigger Attachment


Conquer the Competition... Play like a King!

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Trigger King is proud to introduce the ONLY fully adjustable hair trigger attachments for PlayStation 3 controllers.

Trigger King attachments can be fined tuned to be the fastest hair trigger on the market which will dramatically improve response times in all shooter games. 

Out gun the competition with a reinforced clip on design that can be easily attached in seconds to PS3 controllers and can be fine-tuned with our patent pending TK Technology.  


The TK CLASSIC Trigger provides high performance response time along with a more comfortable grip. Made in the USA with high quality plastics engineered to withstand a tremendous amount of force.

The TK PRO Trigger is extended for more comfort and control. With the extended range of motion less energy is required to activate the trigger, resulting in faster and more precise play for all game types.

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