TK Technology-Patent Pending

Precision Tuning Technology

PS3 Trigger Precision Tuning

  • Reduce Trigger Lag and increase Response times 

  • Aim and fire faster gain 2x the advantage over opponents

  • Hair triggers minimize finger movements which improves accuracy

  • Fit your unique gaming style with fine-tuned trigger sensitivity

PRO Extended Double Trigger

Pro Extended PS3 Trigger

  • Extended length produces 2 times the range of movement giving more control and sensitivity
  • Patent Pending Double Trigger design for easy rapid firing
  • Increase performance activate any combination of R1/R2 and L1/L2 with comfort and control
  • Ergonomic design improves thumb rotation and minimizes thumb-quakes

Thumb-Quakes = ( Definition: An unpopular action common to FPS video games in which the video gamer accidentally depresses the thumbstick button, resulting in stabbing at nothing, pointless reloads, spontaneous crouching and untimely deaths).

PS4 Xcaliber Trigger Installation And Tuning Instructions

PS3 Trigger Installation Instructions