Trigger King PS3 Classic Trigger - Trigger King
Trigger King PS3 Classic Trigger - Trigger King

Trigger King PS3 Classic Trigger

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Trigger King's PS3 Classic Trigger is the most durable trigger attachment for PS3 controllers on the market. Our innovative reinforced design can withstand a tremendous amount of force and will not fail during game play. The triggers ergonomic design greatly enhances comfort and control.  They also help in eliminating Thumb-Quakes.

The Classic triggers include our patent pending TK Precision Tuning Technology making them the most responsive trigger attachments on the market.  Completely remove all unwanted trigger lag and increase your response times.

Trigger King products are made in the U.S.A. with the highest quality plastics that won't crack or break.

TK Precision Tuning Technology-patent pending

PS3 Hair Trigger


  • Reduce Trigger Lag and increase Response times 

  • Aim and fire faster gain 2x the advantage over opponents

  • Fit your unique gaming style with fine-tuned trigger sensitivity

Thumb-Quakes = ( Definition: An unpopular action common to FPS video games in which the video gamer accidentally depresses the thumb-stick button, resulting in stabbing at nothing, pointless reloads, spontaneous crouching and untimely deaths).